About Me

Hi, I’m Alexander Pasch, a 24 year old native of Austin, TX, USA.

This is what I look like.

I graduated with a B.S. in Neuroscience (2019) and a B.A. in Philosophy (2021) from UT Austin. I have also been working as a private tutor in all subjects for students since 2019 with a focus on meta-skills (e.g. scheduling, long-term goal setting, and attention training). I am working as a post-bac research assistant studying mindfulness meditation with the Finding Focus team and plan to apply to philosophy graduate programs next fall.

My core interest is in the nature of wellbeing, how we might measure it, and what role these measurements should play in public policy. I am also interested in moral psychology, meta-ethics, and epistemology. Beyond philosophy, I like thinking about long term political and cultural trends, self-improvement, attention, effective altruism, and how we might avoid dystopia.

On this blog I like to write about books, my philosophical interests, self-improvement, history, and other random ideas I have.

You’ll find regular posts published in the following categories:

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